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About Earth Crystal Apothecary

Crystal Essences are made from the mineral elements of the earth and when combined with the art of healing, they can greatly benefit the Body, Mind and Spirit. The art of crystal alchemy has been practiced for centuries and we at Earth Crystal Apothecary are reviving this art and science to create synergistic healing blends.

Crystal Essences work within the subtle energy fields of the body to give the user exactly what is needed. The energy of the crystals becomes part of the user‘s energy field and alters and adjusts to provide balance, harmony and well-being.

Earth Crystal Apothecary currently offers over 40 crystal essence blends, and that number continues to grow with requests from our clients, staff, family and friends.  At present we have 144 “Mother Essences” from which the blends are made.

Chief Alchemist Lorayne Evangelyn in her blending studio

All of our blends are created by our owner and chief alchemist, Lorayne Evangelyn, and each one of our blends has been personally tested by us.  Many of the blends were inspired by our own experience, and have proven to be very effective.  All of the blends are created in meditation, allowing the crystals to guide the process.  Most of our blends have as many as 5 crystal essence “Mothers”, and some have 9 or more.

Each of our crystal “Mothers” is enhanced by the sun and moon, have been nestled in the magnetic frequencies of the earth, meditated upon to benefit the users highest good, imbued with celestial music, Reiki energy and the sounds of Tibetan bowls and infused with Love.  Creating our Earth Crystal Apothecary line of crystal essence blends is quite a process, and we are proud to offer them for your benefit.

We are confident that using these crystal essence blends will enhance your life and increase your well-being!

Founder and Creator Lorayne Evangelyn Ham, DD, CCM, RMT

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Lorayne Evangelyn has been studying the metaphysical sciences for over 40 years and has been teaching Advanced Spirituality, Crystal Healing and Advanced Reiki Courses for over a decade.

As a continual learner herself, Lorayne Evangelyn wanted to create courses that opened new and profound avenues of healing, courses that she would want to explore herself.  She wanted to inspire, educate, transform and crack open the veil, creating a pathway for profound healing to occur with the coursework.

She also wanted to provide the foundation for those wishing to create a healing business of their own, as well as those who wanted to incorporate what they learned into an already established healing practice.


Lorayne Evangelyn has overcome illness, poverty and lack of self esteem to become a leader in the field of Transformational Empowerment Healing education.  She is passionate about helping others to heal, to grow and to transform on every level.

Earth Crystal Apothecary was founded in December 2012.  Lorayne Evangelyn has been teaching through In Lighten Wellness for over 10 years.

Lorayne Evangelyn is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as an Approved Provider for continuing education.

We hope that you are inspired to explore your own inner urgings and continue to learn, grow and transform who you are now into who you are becoming!